With superb attention to detail, MASON+BLACK are marble experts producing exceptional finishes and quality across all of their designs. As you can see from their products and forms, simplicity is beautiful and in today’s world its important to focus on a simple form or natural material which has the presence to speak for itself.
— RODDY CLARKE, Design Journalist contributing to the the Financial Times and London Evening Standard

The Idea

MASON+BLACK is an interior design company located in London, England established in 2017. MASON+BLACK is sophisticated simplicity, with an influence from architecture, and a finishing touch of British design. We have a strong passion that binds the form and elegance of natural materials, creating products, which are both functional and luxurious. 


MASON+BLACK products embrace aesthetic, form and exceptional craftsmanship. Our designers celebrate pure materials with specially selected elements, to enhance the experience of the user. Each product has been meticulously designed for its function, whilst highlighting the true grace and sincerity of the natural material. 


MASON+BLACK prides itself in the exceptional craftsmanship of its collection. Every piece, has been hand crafted by specialist artisans, who have a vast experience working with each natural material. Every artisan has taken the time and care, to create a truly unique and timeless piece with its own story to tell.